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talkEZ is a free communication aid designed to assist a person communicate.

see the EZ range for info on how this is also more than a communication aid.

talkEZ can still be of benefit to those able to communicate. talkEZ allows you to add any of the EZ products into one common area with a consistent setup. This can be done without the need to type.

talkez pictalkEZ on phone, tablet & notebook

Benefits include

Includes rating & a common board

'rating' board (eg to rate pain) & to help people communicate better with you

Boards don't require internet after first time access

If you don't always have access to the internet outside your home, the talkEZ boards will still work (could be helpful in an ambulance,hospital, parks, shops etc.)

Create/change to suit your needs

Buttons can be changed, added or removed, to support your specific needs

Fast access to other products

Just one click to add an additional product (review the terms of use privacy) first

Communication flows quicker

Boards can be specifically customised to a person or organisation that you are communicating with, making communication easier

Easy to create talk boards

Simply type the name of a button, phrase to speak & an image automatically loads, creating an instant speaking communication button.

More boards coming

We are working with health professionals and other subject matter experts to continue creating a library of useful boards

Create boards in your language

create buttons & search for images in your own language (coming soon)

and more ...

This is an EZ product which means it has extra benefits. click here to learn more about the EZ range

Internet Connection

Required sometimes.

Internet connection required for initial access, to build, share & receive boards
Internet connection is NOT needed to access created boards.

Still to Come

Other Languages

talkEZ & venueEZ are our two biggest projects. Even after release to the general public we see these will always be under continuous improvement as we learn more & more ways to assist people. We will continue to add more boards & images.

Boards are most easily built from a computer. We have still given you the ability to do this from a tablet or phone also. Using boards should work well on any device.

NOTE: talkEZ is not high security. We have avoiding some security for our user convenience. We do, however, use encryption & other measures to help identify malicious use.

Buttons will not speak in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer did not contain the ability for text to speech. You can however build the boards in Internet Explorer & share with others users. The boards you share will speak the phrase for users with a supported browser. It also will speak in Microsoft Edge. Other supported browsers are Opera & Firefox (we've done limited tests in Firefox).

Most government & health organisations here in Australia have Internet Explorer, but users are less likely to use this browser. Chrome & Safari have over 70% of the worldwide market alone and is why they were our first focus. Chrome by far is the biggest. Internet Explorer currently only has a very small percentage worldwide in comparison.


Available now for public pilot


click question below to see the answer regarding the DFItalkEZ Product Info.

pointer pic Why are talkEZ buttons black when most communication aids have white buttons?

When we showed the white & black button choice to people, there was a preference for black. If you do prefer white though, you can easily change to a white theme from the Styles & Settings or a customised version.

We will continue to get feedback on this during pilot & the default style will be determined by that.

pointer pic What is a Board?

A Board is a collection of buttons with labels and pictures. When a button is pressed it speaks out the phrase assigned to the button.

pointer pic Why does talkEZ have multiple versions?

We did it this way based on requests & the different need of people. talkEZ BASIC was developed because some users were concerned that they might actually delete or change something by mistake. This version allows them to receive boards from others or use the boards that come with talkEZ.

talkEZ EDITOR allows people to make changes or add new boards & buttons. The CUSTOM version is for people who want it setup for specific needs from the beginning.

pointer pic How many buttons can I setup on a Board?

There is currently no limit on how many buttons can be setup on a board. However, you might consider putting buttons into "categories" or onto a new board for better organisation. This could help you locate them easier, otherwise you will need ability to scroll.

pointer pic Can I create or change buttons?

Yes. click here to see how You will require the EDITOR or CUSTOMISED version for this. Also, another person can create a board & share it with you.

pointer pic What do I need to use talkEZ?

A tablet, computer, or phone. We have designed it to run on Windows, Android or iOS, however we only have limited devices to test on.

pointer pic Do I need an internet connection?

Internet is only required for first time access. After that it is on your own device and does not need the internet. You will however need the internet if you want to search for boards which are not on your device, or to receive others shared

pointer pic Sometimes I use a phone, but sometimes I use a tablet. Can I set talkEZ up on both?

Yes. We recommend that. You may consider having different boards on your phone that are intended for more when you are mobile. For example a board to communicate with an ambulance offer or doctor. If you do have a board which you want on all your devices, you can easily share that to the others. share to the other

pointer pic How does talkEZ speak?

talkEZ uses Text To Speech to talk. However if you have the ability to speak intermittently, you can use your own voice when able on the phone & use the talk panel for the times that you cannot. For people who do have some speech, voice recordings can also be made, stored & connected to buttons.

pointer pic Is talkEZ available in other languages?

We have added in multi language support and you will see more and more languages become available. Spanish is scheduled for release 20 December and other languages will follow.

pointer pic What if I have a suggestion for a feature I would like to be included in talkEZ?

We would love to hear from you! talkEZ has been developed from the feedback of potential users and health professionals. We are committed to continuous improvement.