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About Our Pilots

Public Public

Public pilot is where we give access to our product to anyone for their use and feedback. This means you get access early to a product, before it's considered a final version.

Your feedback can influence the final version and help others who will use it.

Closed Pilots

Closed Pilots are not available to the general public.

We extend invitations, to individuals or third parties, to participate in closed pilots and they run in a more controlled manner.

Closed pilots include technical participants, health professionals & specific organisations.

Final Versions

Final Versions are products which have been through both closed & public pilots and undergone thorough testing.

Products which contain data such as venueEZ & eventsEZ are never guaranteed of accuracy, as the data is often crowd sourced.

What You Should Know About Pilots

The purpose of pilots is to test & refine products

During pilots we do collect statistical information to show how are products are being used. By understanding how they are used, we then understand how to improve them for our user base.

If you access a product which is advertised as a public pilot, it is important to understand there could be styling or programming issues, which may have been missed for your device. It is difficult for us to review products for every device. Whilst emulators we use are a good guide, they can also be unreliable.

This is especially why your feedback is so important to us

We learn more from your reporting of issues and errors than from favourable comments (although we love those too).