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talkEZ™ Versions

talkEZ™ can be installed in a range of ways. All versions are free. This is a very personal project for us.

We hope you find it helpful.

Learn talkEZ

talkEZ BASICbeta

receive & install communication boards, but not make any changes to buttons or boards

  • includes basic boards
  • receive boards from others
  • install new boards & EZ apps
  • prevents editing boards
  • runs on most devices

* run on most devices less than 6 years old

talkEZ CALL beta


use talkEZ during a phone call. It will require an app to be downloaded from google or apple stores though.

talkEZ Call is a companion app which allows talkEZ boards to be automatically loaded and used during a phone call.

This is one of those times where there is no option but to make this an app. Unlike the other talkEZ products

talkEZ EDITORbeta

create, change, share or receive communication boards & buttons

  • includes talkEZ BASIC
  • change or add buttons
  • change or add boards
  • change or add categories
  • adjust setup, styles
  • choose language
  • 20,000 + image library

talkEZ CUSTOMbeta

create customised version or a link to share with another person

  • includes talkEZ BASIC
  • includes talkEZ EDITOR
  • advanced customise setup
  • share custom version

NOTE: Includes everything in other versions, but also a more advanced setup to provide an immediately customised version when opened or shared

Improvements & Known Issues for talkEZ

The following are known issues in talkEZ or features yet to be implemented:

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