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Our Background

We are a small talented team, who have been personally affected by someone close to us with an illness. This drives a genuine passion for what we do & what makes us different.

All staff have a technology background. We Have worked with corporates and government (eg. Department Health and Human Services) on large software roll outs. One of our team worked in IT security for a bank.

We have directed our skills to focus on what matters to us, which is developing products to support people with differing abilities. We love what we do.

One of our team members has worked on disability support tools for 15 years. Our tech lead has also 8 years experience in this area.

We are a small, but growing team. We plan to employ people with disabilities, to expand our skillset, as we grow. We have experience in large scalable secure applications, apps, general software development and electronics.

We had a focus on Universal Design, before it was even a known term in IT.

Being a small team, we're reliant on our extensive supporter network for maximum impact. We are undertaking measures to ensure data and code access is given to our trusted partner charity organisations.

We have more products in the development phase and we will add them to our website, when they are in the final testing stage. We will only release the number of products into pilot stage that we believe we can effectively manage at any given time. Pilots are our way to get feedback and allowing our users to shape the final versions.

We are collaborating with users, Universities, Health Professionals and others who share our common goals and values.

Our Approach

Our primary goal is to develop products to help people, help themselves. In the cases where there is need for additional support, we include the ability for remote assistance.

We always look for the best approach (for our users), rather than the easy road.

We will change anything in our products, to benefit our users and we definitely enjoy a challenge.

We use a lot of visuals in our products, as we believe a picture IS really worth a thousand words.

We never wish to charge the people we are working to support. We have done our best to remove obstacles where possible (no fee, no logins, no forms, no apps to download from stores, etc.)

We do not believe in collecting people’s sensitive data and using it for monetary gain. Our preference is always to store sensitive data on a person’s own device where possible.


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