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notesEZ is a free tool to record health related notes fast

When dealing with health issues, there seems to be more than ever to remember & follow up. All this at a time when you energy is likely the lowest.

notesEZ can help you quickly record notes, with minimal or no typing.

You might find it useful to record discussions with doctor visiting your doctor, or keeping track of when you called centrelink or NDIS for example.

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Benefits include

record notes fast

a fast & effortless way to record notes fasts

automatically sorts notes

notes put into categories for fast recall

useful for doctor or other health related visits

we all often forget important things to tell our doctor or health professional during a visit. Recording notes as things occur can help during these visits.

track things which are important to you

easily record things like changes in pain. Date & time the note was created is automatically added

EZ range compatible

compatible with all the products in the EZ range

works on range of devices

runs on phones, tablets & computers

enables people who cannot type to record notes

the quick entry for common notes is useful for people unable to type who still maintain a useful log

This is an EZ product which means it has extra benefits. click here to learn more about the EZ range

Internet Connection

Required sometimes.

Internet connection required for initial access, to build, share & receive boards
Internet connection is NOT needed to access created boards.

Still to Come

Ability to create notes boards, so you have more of your own categories. Also a search ability to search through notes


Public pilot - Available now


click question below to see the answer regarding the DFInotesEZ Product Info.

pointer pic How much does notesEZ cost?

notesEZ is free like all DFI products

pointer pic Is notesEZ compatible with talkEZ?

Absolutely. notesEZ can be easily added to talkEZ & is presented in a consistent layout to make learning easy.

pointer pic What is a notesEZ board?

A notesEZ board is one that contains notes which have been entered & a button to add them.

pointer pic How many notes can I add?

We currently do not have a set limit on how many notes can be added.

pointer pic How can notesEZ help me?

It can be difficult to remember things, in our busy lives. NotesEz lets you record the things you want to remember so you can recall it later quickly through organised categories.

pointer pic What types of notes would I put into notesEZ?

You can record when you followed up a person or company, to keep a record. notesEZ automatically records the date day & time the note was created. You can use for things you want to remember to discuss at a doctors visit. We will later give you the ability to create your own categories so you can setup things like common shopping list, etc. It is intended to record something you want to be able to review to remember

pointer pic Can notes be spoken out as text to speech?


pointer pic What types of things would I record notes of?

You could record notes to remember to discuss things at your doctor visit *eg. asking for a script, advise of change of symptons, increase in pain etc.