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NOTE: If you have not previously installed talkEZ, then talkEZ will install first, as it is required to run notesEZ


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Terms of use & Privacy will be available for each product in an Easy Read Format. We hope to have them for you soon

Improvements & Known Issues for notesEZ

The following are known issues in talkEZ or features yet to be implemented:

  • ANDROID USERS - Not recommended. A rendering issue detected, which occurs when adding notes. Recordis on the list for fixes.

Installation Questions/Answers

click question below to see the answer regarding the DFIInstallation for notesez.

pointer pic Why do you have different ways to install?

If you have already installed talkEZ then the easiest way is to install from inside talkEZ. On the News/Product board you will see all of the products you have not yet installed. It just involves one click (and of course reviewing the terms of use & privacy)

pointer pic Do I need to login to access?

Not usally. You get immediate access, but are required to review Terms of use & Privacy, as with other software. Only with apps will you require a login from the Apple or Google stores. We may also have some higher security apps at some stage which will require a login. Logins are something we try to avoid for user convenience.

pointer pic If I install talkEZ BASIC version, can I upgrade later to the version with the EDITOR?

Yes, you can from a computer. If you use it from phone or tablet and have added it to the home screen then unfortunately no. If you have used it on a tablet or phone and used just from the URL (where you see the website address) then you can

pointer pic Does custom settings apply to all the apps?

We are working through our apps to bring them all inline to be consistent. Final versions definitely will.

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