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phraseEZ helps speed up communication with talkEZ by joining words & phrases


phraseez picphrasEZ runs across range of devices

phraseEZ screen picphraseEZ screen

Benefits include

speeds up communication

phraseEZ works with talkEZ to speed up communication.

phraseEZ specific boards

phraseEZ can automatically join words/phrases

talkEZ boards for manual control

talkEZ boards can be used with phraseEZ for manual control.

create your own or use from a library

create your own phraseEZ boards or use from a library (coming).


phraseEZ has been designed with ease of use.

This is an EZ product which means it has extra benefits. click here to learn more about the EZ range

Internet Connection

Internet connection required for first time access only.


Public pilot - Available now


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pointer pic How much does phraseEZ cost?

phraseEZ is free like all DFI products

pointer pic Is phrazeEZ compatible with talkEZ communication boards?

Absolutely. phraseEZ is fully compatible with talkEZ communications

pointer pic Does phraseEZ join every word & phrase?

phraseEZ can be used on normal boards (works when you have turned it on) or it turns on automatically if you open a phraseEZ specific board.

pointer pic What is a phraseEZ board?

When you open a phraseEZ board it will automatically join every phrase/word to the speak area until it is turned off. You may find you have certain works or phrases that you would commonly join with others.

pointer pic Does phraseEZ only work with phraseEZ boards?

No. It also works with talkEZ standard boards but it is not automatically turned on when you open a board.

pointer pic Can I still use other free type text whe when using phraseEZ?

Yes. You still have full flexibility to add type, but when you press any other button, it will append the button phrase to the type

pointer pic Does phraseEZ speak text as soon as it is pressed?

No. It will continue to add phrase/words & speak the text when the speak button is pressed.