Customise talkEZ

This builds a customised version of talkEZ™ to better suit an individuals needs & abilities

These settings will also support any EZ products added (except venueEZ which has additional settings).


how can this help?

This sets up styling to better support a persons needs.

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select degree of difficulty

How long should a person press a button before the button reacts?

(android only)

how can this help?

"Hand Tremor Support" can help prevent a button being triggered accidentally by Hand tremors or involuntary movements.

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Description for above options

Sound can be disabled so when talkEZ loads it is turned "off"

"Prevent Editing" will stop buttons or boards being created or changed

"Limited No of Buttons" makes sure no buttons over a certain number are displayed & 'Reduce Text' provide minimum options to prevent overwhelming user

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how can this help?

talkEZ products are setup in the specified language. Also the Editor will search by the language specified.

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