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records button presses to create a history.

We believe you will probably find uses for this, we never even considered. It might useful to review how often requests for pain meds were made, or a drink (for fluid intake), How many times you requested something from someone, etc.

Benefits include

button press counts

records the button and counts how many times it was pressed


history available for button presses - automatic date and time when a button was pressed

works with EZ products

compatible with all EZ products

can use to record a history of your communication

useful when responding to someone who says "but you never told me that..."

This is an EZ product which means it has extra benefits. click here to learn more about the EZ range

Internet Connection

No internet required after first access


refer new website being published in November


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pointer pic What does recordEZ actually record?

It records the buttons you press on a board. It will count how many times the button was pressed, group them & along with the date & time they were pressed

pointer pic How can recordEZ benefit me?

The benefit of recordEZ can depend on which boards you have to record. Eg. if you use recordEZ with connectEZ, you might find it useful to record requests for drinks for example, to review fluid intake