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We have a real treat for you!
recipeEZ are easy to follow visual recipes, which include a recipe board created by a a great talent
(considered one of Australia's greatest chefs).
During his own personal journey, he learnt to create delicious simple meals

Benefits include

written for people with disabilities

these recipes were written with special consideration for people with disabilities.

low budget

includes low budget recipes

no cutting recipes

includes recipes for people who are unable to use knives.

easy to follow

easy to follow visual recipes with step by step

add your own favourite recipes

create a recipe board & share with others, or keep for your own use

includes visual board for cleaning tip

clean up after cooking can be one of the most difficult parts. recipeEZ includes a visual board of tips to make this chore easier.

This is an EZ product which means it has extra benefits. click here to learn more about the EZ range

Internet Connection

Required sometimes.

Internet connection required for initial access, to build, share & receive boards
Internet connection is NOT needed to access created boards.

Have a great recipe?

Do you have a great recipe you would be happy to share for people with disabilities & seniors?

We would love to know about it


refer new website being published in November


click question below to see the answer regarding the DFIrecipeEZ Product Info.

pointer pic How much does recipeEZ cost?

recipeEZ is free like all DFI products

pointer pic What is the name of the chef who created the initial recipes?

We prefer not to disclose this. He has his own journey.

pointer pic Is the chef being paid for the recipes?

Yes. He did offer to do them free, but we knew they are of value so insisted on paying for them.

pointer pic Can recipeEZ work with speech recognition?

No Not at this stage, although we do hope to add that at some stage.

pointer pic What is a recipeEZ board?

A recipe board contains the full steps of a recipe, broken into small chunks with pictures for each step, to make it easier to use.

pointer pic Will there be more recipes?

Yep. That is the plan.

pointer pic Can recipeEZ speak text out loud?

Yes. It can, but at this stage does not have speech recognition to be navigated by speech.

pointer pic I know a great recipe - can I contribute that?

Absolutely. We would love that. They do need to be suitable for people with differing abilities (easy to make, low budget and/or require minimal or no cutting).

pointer pic If I build a recipe board does everyone get access?

Not unless you choose to save it as public. If you make it suitable for public then we will assess it first. If it is not made public, then it is only saved on your own device.