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pbsEZ aims to save money by giving an easy way to search the government funded PBS list for prescribed medications.

We're fortunate, in Australia, to have a lot of medication government subsidised.

Whilst the government already has a very good site for the PBS list, it's designed more for the use of health professionals than those getting prescriptions filled.

We decided to provide a more simplified version to assist people with differing abilities.

Important to remember this should be used only as for a discussion point with a qualified medical professional.

Benefits include

Easy to use

pbsEZ has been designed for ease of use

Links to Government Health data

live link to the government health PBS data

You're in control

puts you in control to search & learn about your own medication

Opportunity to save money

Provides opportunity to view if your medication is on the list, before getting a script filled. This gives you the opportunity to discuss a subsidised equivalent (on the list) with your health professional.

This is an EZ product which means it has extra benefits. click here to learn more about the EZ range

Internet Connection

Requires internet connection

Still to Come

A setup for eligibility groups to make searches more relevant


refer new website being published in November


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pointer pic What is the benefit of pbsEZ when there is already a PBS search on the government website?

Whilst the government one is very good, it is designed more for medical professionals. pbsEZ is a more simplified version styled for people with differing abilities

pointer pic How much does it cost?

It is free like all DFI products & always will be

pointer pic Where does the data come from?

The data comes from the Governnment PBS site, with authorisation.

pointer pic Is my medication free if it appears on the list?

No. This does not guarantee that the medication is free, nor that you qualify

pointer pic What is the main benefit of pbsEZ?

The main benefit is it puts you in control to check your medication before a script is filled

pointer pic What do I need to do if it's not on the list?

check with a medical professional, such as doctor, pharmacist, dentist, etc to discuss your eligibility

pointer pic Will pbsEZ add eligibility groups?

Yes. We will provide this a pbsEZ setup for those who wish to take advantage of that

pointer pic What do I do if it is not on the list?

We recommend you discuss more with a health professional to see if there is an equivalent type of medication which would suit you which is on the list & for your eligibility

pointer pic why was pbsEZ created?

After a person we knew got a $2,000 pharmacy bill we learnt why. The Pharmacist said that the doctor had presribed medication which was not on the PBS list, despite their being alternatives which were. We were asked to create a tool to help people check themselves