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Free Printable 3d Models

We're giving you a glimpse of things to come

We're happy to promote and encourage a range of free 3d files which you'll be able to immediately access.

Print on a 3D printer (yours or a friends), or send to a place like Officeworks (similar to getting a photo printed).

honours student who created models

cosmetic holder 3d models

3d model planning

a small part of the planning process

honours student who created models

Meet the Designer - Akil

We've been assisting an impressive honours student from RMIT Industrial Design

He's creating a very useful range of printable 3d objects to support people with differing abilities.

Akil has kindly offered to make the files, for his 3d models, available free of charge.

He has been working on cosmetic & paintbrush holders and has more in the works.

We'll make the files available here for download.

inserting makeup into holder

Looking for more 3d Models

We're looking for more 3d models to promote here. If you know of someone who makes 3d models to suit people with differing abilities, then we would love to promote them here.

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