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a new way of reviewing information in a visual manner for higher retention.

infoEZ picinfoEZ runs across range of devices

infoEZ dark theme detail screen

Benefits include

remember more

infoEZ has been designed to help you remember more. Brochures can be overwhelming often important points are missed

ideal for reinforcement

infoEZ works well supporting brochures. Brochures provide the detail, whereas infoEZ improves retention & puts focus on the critical elements.

see most important elements at a glance

attention can be drawn to important elements with the use of coloured borders

full screen view

opens up to a larger view to assist people with optic neuritis or poor vision


infoEZ is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to receive, open & share infoEZ boards

receive & change a board to your needs

you can easily change and add information. Create your own boards or remove what you don't need (requires talkEZ EDITOR version)


Very easy to create information boards, use or share.

reminder of the steps

you can create an info board to help you recall steps for a task or process (requires Editor)

receive boards from others

a helper can create an info board & share it with you.

Many templates coming

We're working with health professionals & businesses on more info boards

This is an EZ product which means it has extra benefits. click here to learn more about the EZ range

Internet Connection

Required sometimes.

You can use infoEZ boards without access to the internet, after first time access.

Internet connection is NOT needed to access created boards.


Public pilot - Available now


click question below to see the answer regarding the DFIinfoEZ Product Info.

pointer pic I have difficulty learning and remembering things. Can I still use infoEZ?

infoEZ has been designed with simplicity as a key requirement. If you can use talkEZ or a communication aid, then you already know the basics of infoEZ

pointer pic Does it only come in dark theme?

Yes. It is available in both dark & white button themes.

pointer pic If I change a board does it change the original authors version too?

No. Any changes will only affect your own board

pointer pic What is a Board?

A Board is a collection of buttons which can speak using text to speech. These buttons have labels & pictures. It is designed to be seen and/or heard.

pointer pic How many buttons can I setup on a Board?

We do not have a limit on how many buttons you can setup. You might consider putting buttons into "categories". Another option is to separate a board for better organisation. This could help you locate them easier, otherwise you will need the ability to scroll. Each button can open up another panel of buttons if desired (called a category).

pointer pic Do I need an internet connection?

Only for initial access.